“An Open-Hearted Life”: Beyond Blame

Chapter 18

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A series of talks based on An Open-Hearted Life given at Sravasti Abbey’s monthly Sharing the Dharma Day starting in April 2017. Co-written with clinical psychologist Dr. Russell Kolts, the book offers practical Buddhist and Western psychological approaches to developing compassion.

  • The difference between blame and responsiblitiy
  • Where does anger come from?
  • We have a choice not to get angry
  • Situations arise due to many causes and conditions, not a single person
  • Questions
    • How can you be assertive without anger?
    • When should you say something and when should you let it go?
    • How can you communicate expectations in a positive way?

An Open-Hearted Life 19: Beyond Blame (download)

05-05-19 An Open-Hearted Life: Beyond Blame - SDD

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