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Healing Anger

Healing from The heart

The restorative justice movement shows it's possible to let go of anger and develop compassion…

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Three Principal Aspects of the Path

Lama TsongKhapa Day talk

Celebrating Lama Tsongkhapa Day by taking inspiration from his life and teachings.

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Venerable Chodron smiling while teaching to a large crowd.
Love and Self-esteem

Live each day with loving-kindness

Practical tips on how to bring loving-kindness into our daily lives and interpersonal relationships.

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Venerable Chodron sitting in front of a large gold Buddha statue, teaching to a group of people.
For Young People

Finding your purpose in life

By looking inside, we discover what we can contribute to the world instead of getting…

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Venerable Chodron sitting in front of a large Buddha statue while teaching to a group of students.
Thought Training

Practicing the Dharma in difficult times

How to take the difficulties that are part of life into our spiritual practice to…

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Dharma in Daily Life

Questions and answers on Dharma in daily life

Answers to student questions on how how to apply the Dharma in common situations.

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A Presentation of the Establishment of Mindfulness

The four objects of mindfulness

Introduction to the four establishments of mindfulness including the four objects and the common manner…

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