Learn different Buddhist meditation techniques and all the tools you need to establish a daily meditation practice.

More About Meditation

There’s more to meditation than sitting and watching your breath. The Tibetan word for meditation, gom, means “familiarizing” or “habituating.” Here you’ll find talks and guided meditations on techniques to train the mind and develop the virtuous qualities needed to become a fully awakened buddha.

Guided meditations by Venerable Thubten Chodron are also available on the Insight Timer app.


Buddha statue in a wooden house overlooking landscape with trees.


Teachings from the annual Cultivating Concentration Retreat held over Labor Day weekend.

Prayer book, dorje, bell, and damaru on a wooden table.

Deity Meditation

Teachings from annual weeklong and three-month deity meditation retreats.

Buddha statue and water bowls on altar in front of a window.

Guided Meditations

Guided meditations to tame the mind and generate the stages of the path to awakening.

Bell with om symbol and its striker hanging on a deck overlooking landscape.


The Buddhist approach to cultivating mindfulness for the purpose of attaining liberation and full awakening.

A row of Tibetan prayer wheels in the sunlight.

Prayers and Practices

Buddhist prayers and ritual practices to steer our thoughts and actions in a beneficial direction.

A row of water bowls on an altar.

Preliminary Practices

Preliminary practices (ngöndro) to purify our minds and deepen our meditation practice.


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