Eight verses of thought transformation: Verses 7-8

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Part of an ongoing series of teachings based on Approaching the Buddhist Path, the first book in “The Library of Wisdom and Compassion” series by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Venerable Thubten Chodron.

  • Using smaller difficulties to practice the mind training methods
  • How to do the taking-and-giving meditation effectively
  • Eight worldly concerns and how they affect our virtuous actions
  • Interactive discussion on seeking praise
  • Benefits of realizing emptiness and perceiving all phenomena as illusory

46 Approaching the Buddhist Path: Eight Verses of Thought Transformation Verses 7-8 (download)

46 Approaching the Buddhist Path: Eight Verses of Thought Transformation, Verses 7-8 07-12-19

Contemplation points

  1. What disadvantages are there if we always blame the outside for this and that, such as when we are sick or something doesn’t go OUR way?
  2. Describe one or two practices to apply when challenges such as a sickness befalls you.
  3. What are the disadvantages of wanting to receive praise? What are the antidotes to praise?

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