Anger and disillusionment

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Part of an ongoing series of teachings based on Approaching the Buddhist Path, the first book in “The Library of Wisdom and Compassion” series by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Venerable Thubten Chodron.

  • The disadvantages of anger and its effects on us and others
  • Understanding that emotions and the behavior they motivate are different
  • Destructive disillusionment vs beneficial disillusionment of samsara
  • The evolutionary importance of certain emotions
  • Reconditioning our mind towards realistic mental states

12 Approaching the Buddhist Path: Anger and Disillusionment (download)

12 Approaching the Buddhist Path: Anger and Disillusionment 11-02-18

Contemplation points

  1. If someone speaks harshly with you, how can you become firm and assertive instead of becoming angry? Describe the process of mental transformation within yourself, using an example.
  2. Why does being disillusioned with cyclic existence makes the mind peaceful and happy?
  3. How can you cultivate a mind that cares about others well-being?

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