An Open-Hearted Life: Compassionate communication

Chapters 41 and 42

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Part of a series of talks based on An Open-Hearted Life given at Sravasti Abbey’s monthly Sharing the Dharma Day starting in April 2017. Co-written with clinical psychologist Dr. Russell Kolts, the book offers practical Buddhist and Western psychological approaches to developing compassion.

  • Communication is the foremost area in need of compassion
  • Becoming aware of the thoughts that motivate our speech
  • Reflection: Bringing compassion to our communication
  • Factors that influence how we experience a situation
  • The nonviolent communication approach
  • Reflection: Describing situations
  • Questions and answers

An Open-Hearted Life 41: Compassionate communication (download)

08-15-21 An Open-Hearted Life: Compassionate Communication - SDD

A guided meditation led prior to the talk can be found here.

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