Compassion is the wish for sentient beings to be free from suffering and its causes. Posts include teachings and meditations on how to develop and increase compassion.

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On Self-Worth

Gratitude for the Dharma

A. L. reflects on how prison has afforded her time to reflect on her spiritual…

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Prison Poetry

Gathas for daily life

An incarcerated person is inspired by the writing of Thich Nhat Hanh.

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On Cultivating Wisdom

Dealing with difficult changes

A woman in prison uses a mind training prompt to deal with a difficult situation.

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An Open-Hearted Life

Compassion gone awry

How compassion without wisdom and a good motivation can go awry.

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Silhouette of Gyatso in front of an icy fence in winter.
By Prison Volunteers

My time in prison

A Sravasti Abbey volunteer confronts his preconceptions on what prison life is like.

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Shantideva Teachings at Sravasti Abbey

The faults of self-centeredness

How self-centeredness creates problems in our lives, and the actual method of exchanging self and…

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Thought Training

Living a life that matters

How to overcome the eight worldly concerns and generate bodhicitta.

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Love and Self-esteem

Seeing kindness everywhere

By recognizing the kindness all around us we will open our hearts to everyone.

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An Open-Hearted Life

Overcoming partiality

By recognizing our differences are superficial we can overcome our partiality and biases.

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