Compassion is the wish for sentient beings to be free from suffering and its causes. Posts include teachings and meditations on how to develop and increase compassion.

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Stages of the Path to Awakening Podcast

The four maras

Continuing the review of Chapter 12, "The Mind and Its Potentials", describing the four maras

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Healing Anger

Healing from The heart

The restorative justice movement shows it's possible to let go of anger and develop compassion…

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Venerable Chodron smiling while teaching to a large crowd.
Love and Self-esteem

Live each day with loving-kindness

Practical tips on how to bring loving-kindness into our daily lives and interpersonal relationships.

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Shantideva Teachings at Sravasti Abbey

We are all equal

Explanation of the first three points of the nine-point meditation on equalizing self and others.

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Library of Wisdom and Compassion

Generosity of the heart

How to cultivate the four brahmaviharas or divine abodes of love, compassion, empathetic joy, and…

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An Open-Hearted Life

Empathic distress

How compassion can fall into empathic distress, or compassion fatigue, when our focus turns from…

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Cultivating the Four Immeasurables

Meditation on empathic distress

A guided meditation on the difference between compassion and personal distress.

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Venerable Chodron in front of the wooden Kuan Yin statue in Chenrezig Hall.
Cultivating Compassion

Compassion manifesting in skillful means

An article about compassion and skillful means as an expression of compassion published in Mindfulness.

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Guest read Dharma books on the Chenrezig Hall deck.

Reading list

An extensive bibliography of resources for further study.

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An Open-Hearted Life

Compassion and personal distress

When overwhelmed by seeing suffering we may slip into personal distress. We can cultivate compassion…

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Cultivating the Four Immeasurables

Meditation on compassion and personal distress

A guided meditation to help examine our experience of observing suffering and distinguish between responding…

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Volume 3 Samsara, Nirvana, and Buddha Nature

Excellent qualities can be cultivated limitlessly

Continuing teaching from Chapter 12, explaining how it it is possible to develop positive mental…

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