Quiz 2: Four establishments of mindfulness

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Part of a series of teachings on A Presentation of the Establishment of Mindfulness by Gyalwa Chokyi Gyaltsen.

  1. What is the meaning of mindfulness? Is it the same as bare attention? Give example of how to use it in daily life and in meditation.

  2. What is introspective awareness? Give examples of how to use it in daily life and in meditation.

  3. What are the six stages of meditation on the breath from Treasury of Knowledge?

  4. What is the mind? What are the divisions of the mind? What is the ultimate nature of the mind?

  5. Describe the ways to meditate on the mindfulness of the mind.

  6. How does being aware of the subtle impermanence of the mind reduce fear at the time of death?

  7. How does meditating on the mindfulness of the mind lead to understanding true cessations?

  8. What does “phenomena” principally refer to in mindfulness of phenomena and why?

  9. How do we meditate on the mental factors?

  10. How does meditating on mindfulness of phenomena lead to understanding true path?

  11. How does the way hearers and solitary realizers meditate on the four establishments of mindfulness differ from the way bodhisattvas meditate on them? How is the bodhisattva way of meditating on them superior?

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