Varieties of Madhyamaka

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Part of a series of teachings given March 19-21, 2011, at a retreat on the Varieties of Madhyamaka at Sravasti Abbey.

  • Studying across boundaries in an open-minded manner—important implications for world peace
    • Applying this idea to studying the perspectives of the other lineages of Tibetan Buddhism: Nyingma, Kagyu, and Sakya, as well as Jonang
  • The Buddhist view that we suffer needlessly because of a mistaken world view and a discussion how Madhyamaka addresses that
  • Roots of Madhyamaka in India
  • Early Tibetan interpretations of Chandrakirti, especially Yogachara Madhyamaka
  • Basis for the distinction that Tsongkhapa made between the Svatantrika and Prasangika Madhyamaka sub-schools

Varieties of Madhyamaka 01 (download)

3-19-11 (1) Varieties of Tibetan Madhyamaka w Guy Newland Introduction

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