Concentration and wisdom

Group of five object-ascertaining mental factors

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Part of a series of teachings given through the Dharma Friendship Foundation in Seattle from January 1995 to April 1996.

  • Object-ascertaining mental factors of aspiration, belief, mindfulness, concentration/stabilization and wisdom
  • Review of aspiration, belief (appreciation) and mindfulness
  • Intention moves the mind to an object, mindfulness holds the object of meditation without getting distracted, belief sees what is valuable in the object and cherishes it
  • Discussion on stabilization (concentration), stays on mentally imputed object single-pointedly for a long time, classification
  • Discussion on wisdom, analysis of the object, classification—(conventional existence, emptiness), (inborn, hearing, contemplating, meditating)

Mind and mental factors 06: Mindfulness, concentration, and wisdom (download)

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