Challenging the ego

Shantideva’s “Engaging in the Bodhisattva’s Deeds,” Chapter 6, Verses 99-102

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A series of teachings given at various venues in Mexico in April 2015. The teachings are in English with Spanish translation. This talk took place in Xalapa and was organized by Rechung Dorje Dragpa Center.

  • If the Dharma goes into our heart, our ego should feel uncomfortable
  • We have to understand that the problem is in our mind, not in something outside of us
  • Counteracting the dissatisfied mind that only focuses on negativities
  • Working with anger towards ourselves
  • Practicing self-acceptance and making use of our talents and abilities
  • Imagining the Buddhas looking at us with compassion
  • Antidotes to anger at people who ruin our reputation
  • There is nowhere in samsara we will not be criticized; even the Buddha was criticized
  • Inappropriateness of getting angry when others hinder our creation of merit
  • Questions and answers
11 Working with Anger and Developing Fortitude 04-25-15

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