Teachings related to the law of karma and its effects, or how intentional actions of body, speech, and mind affect our circumstances and experiences. The law of karma and its effects explains how present experience is the product of past actions and how present actions affect future experience. Posts include teachings on the types and characteristics of karma and how to use an understanding of karma in daily life.

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Stages of the Path

What to do during the actual session

Explaining how to practice mediation in general, continuing the teaching from Chapter 5.

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Stages of the Path

Reliance on a teacher

Explaining the benefits of reliance and the faults of improper reliance in relation to the…

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Buddhist Worldview

Rejuvenate your life

How the Buddha’s teachings can help us have a happy mind meaningful life.

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Dharma in Daily Life

Question and answers on Dharma and life

Answers to Dharma and personal questions. Topics include aging, issues around sickness, and death and…

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On Cultivating Wisdom

Reflection on life

An incarcerated person reflects on the causes and conditions that have affected his life.

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Mind and Mental Factors

Mapping the Buddhist path onto combating the afflict...

Quotes from scriptures on the afflictions and how the Buddhist path involves removing the afflictions.

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