Cherishing others

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  • Having respect for the two fields of merit—holy beings and ordinary sentient beings
  • Applying the teachings instead of reacting based on our habitual emotions
    • Genuine Dharma practice is working with our disturbing mental states
    • Anger is not a virus we catch from others; the seed of anger is in our mind
  • Taking care of sentient beings is the best way to repay the Buddhas’ kindness
    • Arrogance towards other sentient beings stems from ignorance
    • We should practice cherishing others more than we cherish ourselves
  • What it means to be the servant of others
  • Breaking down barriers between ourselves and others, especially in conflict situations
  • The benefits of practicing fortitude
  • A king has no power to send us to hell or grant us enlightenment—our actions alone determine our rebirths
    • Clarifying the Buddhist concept of hell
  • Questions and answers
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