Facing harm with fortitude

Shantideva’s “Engaging in the Bodhisattva’s Deeds,” Chapter 6, Verses 52-69

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Part of a series of teachings given at various venues in Mexico in April 2015. The teachings are in English with Spanish translation. This talk took place at Centro Cultural Isidro Fabela—Museo Casa del Risco in Mexico City.

  • The four ascetic practices
    • Not to get angry when others get angry with us
    • Not to strike back when others beat us
    • Not to put others down when they deride us
    • Not to point out others’ faults when they point out ours
  • How anger stems from our self-centered mind that labels “mine”
  • The inappropriateness of anger when contempt and criticism hinder material gain, or affects others’ faith in us
  • Refraining from anger when others harm what we treasure, including the Three Jewels
  • Developing fortitude that is indifferent to harm
  • Questions and answers
    • The relationship between past karma and present anger
    • Achieving justice without getting angry
    • How to develop fortitude so as not to get angry
07 Working with Anger and Developing Fortitude 04-21-15

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