Chapter 2: Verses 39-50

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Part of a series of teachings on Aryadeva’s 400 Stanzas on the Middle Way given on an annual basis by Geshe Yeshe Thabkhe from 2013-2017.

  • Examples proving that it is erroneous to think of suffering as pleasure
  • No action is done without physical or mental exertion; therefore, it cannot be called pleasurable
  • Calling destructive actions done for the sake of a little pleasure “pleasurable” is improper because they result in future suffering
  • There is never real pleasure in any activity at the outset, we just mistake pain for pleasure
  • Alleviation of pain is not real pleasure, there is no pleasurable sensation entirely free from discomfort
  • There is not even slightest real pleasure that can effectively override pain
  • Meditation on the body as a source of suffering to avoid confusion and pitfalls of cyclic existence
  • How to meditate on the pervasive suffering of conditioning
  • Benefits of the meditation on suffering and practical advice on how to work with adversity
06 Aryadeva's 400 Stanzas on the Middle Way with Geshe Yeshe Thabkhe 07-11-13

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