Chapter 14: Verses 347-350

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Part of a series of teachings on Aryadeva’s 400 Stanzas on the Middle Way given on an annual basis by Geshe Yeshe Thabkhe from 2013-2017.

  • Showing the cause for mistaking the continuum as permanent and inherently existent
  • Reasoning that establishes absence of true existence
  • Meaning of dependent arising
  • Selflessness of persons and phenomena
  • Inherently existent dependent arising is not seen by the aryas
  • Liberation is gained through understanding emptiness of inherent existence
  • Introduction into Chapter 15 on refuting truly existing characteristics

52 Aryadeva's 400 Stanzas with Geshe Yeshe Thabkhe Verses 347-350 10-22-17

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