Constructive actions and the weight of karma

57 The Foundation of Buddhist Practice

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Part of an ongoing series of teachings (retreat and Friday) based on the book The Foundation of Buddhist Practice, second volume in “The Library of Wisdom and Compassion” series by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Venerable Thubten Chodron.

  • Five effects of a destructive or constructive action
  • Restraining from destructive actions
  • Non-covetousness, non-hatred, non-confusion
  • Doing the opposite of ten destructive actions
  • Ten bases of meritorious deeds
  • Contemplating what is non-virtue and virtue
  • Questions to ask before, during and after an action
  • Five criteria that makes an action heavy
  • Attitude, how the action is performed
  • Lack of an antidote, holding wrong views, object

The Foundation of Buddhist Practice 57: Constructive Actions And The Weight of Karma (download)

57 The Foundation of Buddhist Practice: Constructive Actions and the Weight of Karma 08-21-20

Contemplation points

  1. Write down the 10 non-virtuous actions as well as the four accompanying factors that make an action complete (basis, attitude, action and completion of an action). Contemplate these and make examples from your own life.
  2. What criteria made your actions lighter or heavier? Identify them.

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