Living with an awareness of impermanence and death

02 Foundation of Buddhist Practice

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Part of a series of teachings given during a retreat based on the book The Foundation of Buddhist Practice given at Sravasti Abbey.

  • The first seal: living with an awareness of impermanence
    • Resistance to thinking about our own impermanence
    • Reflecting on death to give us clarity
    • Using impermanence to our advantage
  • The second seal: all polluted phenomena are duhkha
    • All conditioned things are unsatisfactory
    • Aging, sickness, and death
    • Understanding true duhkha
  • Third seal: all phenomena are empty and selfless
    • Refuting a permanently independent self or soul
    • Refuting a self-sufficient substantially-existent person
02 The Foundation of Buddhist Practice: The Four Seals 11-03-18

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