Meditation: Cultivating serenity

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A series of talks based on Don’t Believe Everything You Think given at Sravasti Abbey’s monthly Sharing the Dharma Day starting in March 2013. The book is a commentary on The 37 Practices of Bodhisattvas.

Understanding that disturbing emotions are destroyed
By special insight with calm abiding,
Cultivate concentration which surpasses
The four formless absorptions—
This is the practice of Bodhisattvas.

  • The purpose of developing meditative serenity
  • The disadvantage of becoming attached to the bliss of concentration
  • Why teachers don’t emphasize developing concentration in the beginning
  • Five hindrances to developing concentration and their antidotes
  • The two mental factors important in developing serenity

SDD 29: Meditation (download)

11-01-15 Meditation - SDD

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