Don’t let success go to your head

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A series of talks based on Don’t Believe Everything You Think given at Sravasti Abbey’s monthly Sharing the Dharma Day starting in March 2013. The book is a commentary on The 37 Practices of Bodhisattvas.

Though you become famous and many bow to you,
And you gain riches to equal Vaishravana’s,
See that worldly fortune is without essence,
And be unconceited—
This is the practice of Bodhisattvas.

  • Why do we consider external things like wealth and fame to be marks of success?
  • Real happiness is not something found externally, but inside
  • We can transform our mind to be peaceful, calm and joyful despite external circumstances

SDD: 19: Don’t let success go to your head (download)

10-05-14 Don't Let Success Go To Your Head – SDD

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