The Buddhist worldview

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Venerable Chodron is offering a series of nine online teachings on the text “Parting from the Four Attachments” by Nubpa Rigzin Drak at the request of the Friends of Sravasti Russia. This classic text from the Sakya tradition gets straight to the heart of the obstacles to our Dharma practice and how to overcome them.

  • Importance of understanding dependent arising and causality
  • How mind training helps us in our daily life
  • Buddhist worldview as the foundation of these teachings:
    • The nature of mind and karma
    • How our mind influences our experience
    • Rebirth: a fundamental perspective in Buddhism
    • Understanding emptiness as an antidote to self-grasping
  • Q&A session:
    • How can we be sure if rebirth exists?
    • Helping non-Buddhists who are dying
    • How to work with attachment to being right
    • Will we need to cultivate realizations of mind training developed in this life from the beginning in our next life?

The root text for this teaching can be found here.

01 Parting from the Four Attachments: The Buddhist World View 04-15-20

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