The causes of samsara

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Venerable Chodron is offering a series of nine online teachings on the text “Parting from the Four Attachments” by Nubpa Rigzin Drak at the request of the Friends of Sravasti Russia. This classic text from the Sakya tradition gets straight to the heart of the obstacles to our Dharma practice and how to overcome them.

  • How meditating on impermanence helps us overcome attachment and depression
  • Spiritual practice as a way of repaying kindness of others
  • Q&A session:
    • Laziness and the eight worldly concerns
    • Can we believe in rebirth just because it gives us hope?
  • Defects of rebirth in form and formless realms
  • Six root afflictions as the causes of cyclic existence
  • Abandoning three kinds of duhkha
  • Disadvantages of the third attachment: to our own self-interest
06 Parting from the Four Attachments: The Causes of Samsara 04-24-20

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