The eight worldly concerns

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Venerable Chodron is offering a series of nine online teachings on the text “Parting from the Four Attachments” by Nubpa Rigzin Drak at the request of the Friends of Sravasti Russia. This classic text from the Sakya tradition gets straight to the heart of the obstacles to our Dharma practice and how to overcome them.

  • What abandoning attachment to this life really means
  • Eight worldly concerns: definitions and examples
  • Working with attachment to approval and good reputation
  • Reflection on the disadvantages of the eight worldly concerns
  • What defines a Dharma practitioner?
  • Benefits of ethical conduct and faults of ethical conduct motivated by the eight worldly concerns
  • Q&A session:
    • Is low self-esteem actually self-centeredness?
    • Role of competition and comparing ourselves with others in building low self-esteem
    • Healthy self-esteem and our Buddha nature
    • Helping someone with low self-esteem
    • Is renunciation necessary for lay people?

The root text for this teaching can be found here.

03 Parting from the Four Attachments: The Eight Worldly Concerns 04-17-20

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