Chapter 15: Verses 369-375

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Refuting the inherent existence of production, duration and disintegration, the characteristics of products. Part of a series of talks on Aryadeva’s Four Hundred Stanzas on the Middle Way.

  • The meaning of mindfulness and living in the present moment
  • Refuting that a thing that exists by it’s own nature is what is in the process of arising
  • What can you point to that is in the process of arising?
  • What has not arisen and what has already arisen cannot be what is in the process of arising
  • If a future object is permanent and non-existent, how does the future object come into being?
  • Dependently arising activities are like a magician’s illusions
  • Chapter summary

97 Aryadeva’s 400 Stanzas: Verses 369-375 (download)

97 Aryadeva's 400 Stanzas: Finding the Present Moment 03-19-15

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