What to do during the meditation session and between sessions

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The text turns to meditation and how to structure the meditation session. Part of a series of teachings on the Gomchen Lamrim by Gomchen Ngawang Drakpa.

  • We create our reality on what we attend to and emphasize
    • The Dharma is trying to get us to see things more realistically and in a more beneficial way
  • How to meditate in general
  • How to conclude the meditation
  • The four practices for Dharma understandings to arise easily
    • Controlling the senses
    • Eating appropriately
    • Sleeping properly
    • Mindfulness and introspective behavior—be aware of what your are doing
  • Why it’s necessary to meditate using both meditation methods—developing stability and cultivating analysis
  • How the lamrim meditations make it easier to meditate in general and develop meditative stability
  • Refuting misconceptions about the two methods of meditation
    • One person does not use both methods
      • Scholars practice analytic meditation and yogis practice stabilizing meditation
    • All conceptions are useless and should be eliminated
    • If a lot of analytical meditation is done prior to developing meditative stability it becomes and obstacle

Gomchen Lamrim 07: The actual meditation session (download)

07 The Gomchen Lamrim 09-19-15

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