Gomchen Lamrim review: The six preparatory practices

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Part of a series of teachings on the Gomchen Lamrim by Gomchen Ngawang Drakpa. Visit Gomchen Lamrim Study Guide for a full list of contemplation points for the series.

  • Structuring the meditation session—know what you will meditate on and how long
  • The activities and internal attitudes of the six preparatory practices
    • Clean the room and arrange the altar
    • Making offerings
    • Take meditation position and set motivation
    • Visualize the merit field
    • The seven limb prayer and mandala offering
    • Requesting prayers
  • Deciding what to do in a meditation session

Gomchen Lamrim 19 Review: The six preparatory practices (download)

19 Gomchen Lamrim 12-11-15 Review Part 2 with Venerable Tarpa

Contemplation points

  1. Venerable Tarpa said that the depth of our wisdom depends on how much we study and reflect. Spend some time thinking about why this is true and what you can do to give yourself time to engage in these activities.
  2. Venerable Tarpa focused the review on the mental aspect of the six preparatory practices. As you are doing these practices each morning (cleaning and setting up the altar, making offerings, preparing the body and mind, imagining the merit field, reciting the 7-limb prayer, and the mandala offering/requests) take the time to really cultivate the corresponding mental states that these practices are designed to generate. How does this change your practice and by extension how you go about your day?

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