108 Verses: Verse 9

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A series of teachings on One Hundred and Eight Verses Praising Great Compassion called A Precious Crystal Rosary by Bhikshu Lobsang Tayang given during the Chenrezig retreats at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center and Sravasti Abbey from 2006-2011.

Verse 9

  • Third type of compassion based on emptiness
  • Object is sentient being, aspect is the wish for them to be free from sufferings
  • Compassion by seeing the lack of true existence

108 Verses 10: Verse 9 (download)

Questions and answers

  • Does “real” mean inherent existence?
  • Can you explain “emptiness is form?”
  • What does emptiness depend on?
  • Can you talk about the mindstream that transmigrates?
  • Is being attentive to the body and mind a way to lead you to emptiness?
  • In karma, what carries on to the future, what makes it ripen?
  • What is the antidote for negative karma?

108 Verses 11: Verse 9 Q&A (download)

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