108 Verses: Verses 1-6

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A series of teachings on One Hundred and Eight Verses Praising Great Compassion called A Precious Crystal Rosary by Bhikshu Lobsang Tayang given during the Chenrezig retreats at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center and Sravasti Abbey from 2006-2011.

Verses 1-6

  • Description of great compassion
  • Root of full enlightenment, helps to conquer afflictions, cyclic existence, obscurations
  • Importance of cultivating the attitudes, meditating and practice

108 Verses 01: Verses 1-6 (download)

Questions and answers

  • If an arhat decides to become enlightened do they have to start the path all over?
  • How can you ensure that you will not fall back into the lower realms?
  • What are the cognitive obscurations?

108 Verses 01: Verses 1-6 Q&A (download)

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