Practicing the four immeasurables

Part of a series of teachings given during the Buddhism: One Teacher, Many Traditions Retreat in Jakarta, Indonesia. The retreat was organized by Ekayana Buddhist Center.

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    • Why the four immeasurables are called immeasurable
    • Practicing the Dharma is hard but staying in samsara is harder
    • The four immeasurables in the Pāli tradition
      • Immeasurable love, seeing all others as lovable
      • Imeasurable compassion, seeing other living beings as overwhelmed by suffering
      • Imeasurable joy, rejoicing in the good fortune and qualities of others
      • Imeasurable equanimity, seeing others as owners of their own karma
    • What it means to take refuge
    • How to keep the five lay precepts and what constitutes a transgression

    Jakarta Retreat 04: The four immeasurables (download)

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