Dispositions, motivations, and practices

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Part of a series of teachings given during the Buddhism: One Teacher, Many Traditions Retreat in Jakarta, Indonesia. The retreat was organized by Ekayana Buddhist Center.

  • The initial capacity practitioner, the motivation and practices
  • The eight worldly concerns
    • Make us an emotional yo-yo and get in the way of practicing the Dharma
    • How we need to release our obsession with the happiness of this life
  • Thinking about our own mortality helps us set our priorities in this life and motivates us to prepare for the next life
  • With concern for future lives we look for a reliable guide and contemplate karma and its effects
  • The middle level practitioner is tired of being on the merry-go-round of rebirth in cyclic existence and wishes attain liberation
  • The motivation and practices of the middle capacity practitioner
  • How the advanced level practitioner develops the bodhicitta motivation and the practices to actualize his or her motivation

Jakarta Retreat 02: Overview of the path, part 2 (download)

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