The four immeasurables in the Pali and Sanskrit traditions

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A talk given at the Poh Ming Tse Temple in Singapore with Bhante Dhammaratana, a Theravadin monk, at the Singapore book launch for Buddhism: One Teacher Many Traditions.

  • The four immeasurables or four brahmavihāras in the Pali Tradition
    • Love or metta
    • Compassion or karuna
    • Joy or mudita
    • Equanimity or upekkha
  • The origins and purpose of the book
  • The two traditions come closely together in how they teach the four
  • Why the four immeasurables are presented in two different sequences
  • The importance of equanimity
  • Equanimity helps us avoid being an emotional yo-yo
  • Equanimity and wisdom
  • Questions and answers

Four immeasurables in the Pali and Sanskrit traditions (download)

Book Launch of "Buddhism: One Teacher, Many Traditions"

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