Ignorance and karma

Ignorance and karma

Teachings given during a three-day retreat on the text Wheel of Sharp Weapons at Chenrezig Institute in Queensland, Australia.

  • Wanting to practice instead of “should practice”
  • Accepting our karma instead of getting angry
  • Mind as source of happiness and pain
  • Self-grasping and self-centeredness, the internal enemies
  • The kindness of others
  • Anger based on self-grasping ignorance

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 01 (download)

Venerable Thubten Chodron

Venerable Chodron emphasizes the practical application of Buddha’s teachings in our daily lives and is especially skilled at explaining them in ways easily understood and practiced by Westerners. She is well known for her warm, humorous, and lucid teachings. She was ordained as a Buddhist nun in 1977 by Kyabje Ling Rinpoche in Dharamsala, India, and in 1986 she received bhikshuni (full) ordination in Taiwan. Read her full bio.