Chapter 8: Self and emptiness

Questions and answers

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The teachings on Chapter 8 of Aryadeva’s 400 Stanzas on the Middle Way show the methods of training the student’s mindstream to make it receptive to a spiritual path.

  • What the self-centered thought is and how it relates to the self-sufficient substantially existent person and the inherently existent person
  • Explanation of a passage from The Meaning of Life by His Holiness the Dalai Lama on how self-grasping ignorance produces afflictions
  • Two levels of self-centeredness and the difference between grasping at “I” and “mine”

44 Aryadeva’s 400 Stanzas: Self and emptiness (download)

44 Aryadeva's 400 Stanzas on the Middle Way with Ven. Chodron 03-06-14

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