A discussion about retreat

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This discussion session took place during the Four Establishments of Mindfulness Winter Retreat in 2013. More extensive teachings on the establishments of mindfulness can be found here.

  • Examining how perception affects our experience of objects
  • Looking at all four of the noble truths to understand the unsatisfactory nature of samsara, what keeps us stuck, as well as the way out
  • Learning to see ourselves accurately and giving ourselves credit for our virtuous actions and skills
  • Using meditation to digest our experience and bring a calmness to the mind
  • Creating the causes for a very different kind of happiness than the temporary pleasures we attain through our attachments
  • Increasing our concentration ability, particularly when working with pain
  • Cultivating skill in observing thoughts in the mind, feeling in the body, and recognizing how one affects the other
16 4 Establishments of Mindfulness Q & A 2-9-13

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