Chapter 10: Verses 229–237

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Part of a series of teachings on Aryadeva’s 400 Stanzas on the Middle Way given on an annual basis by Geshe Yeshe Thabkhe from 2013-2017.

Refuting the self imputed by the Vaisheshika school

  • Refuting that a permanent self is the cause of entering and leaving cyclic existence
  • Refuting a permanent self that can move the body
  • Contradiction between teaching non-violence and impossibility to harm a permanent self
  • Memory of past lives is an unsuitable proof of a permanent self
  • Unfeasibility of mindless matter (self) remembering past rebirths
  • Why remembering past rebirths does not entail permanence of a self

Refuting the self imputed by the Samkhya school

  • Unacceptability of asserting a permanent conscious person
  • Fallacy of a permanent conscious person constantly experiencing an object
  • Unacceptable assertion that the permanent conscious person’s nature changes from actual consciousness first to potential consciousness
31 Aryadeva's 400 Stanzas with Geshe Yeshe Thabkhe Verses 229-237 08-22-16

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