The two truths: The Svatantrika view

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Part of a series of teachings given from March 6-11, 2010, at Sravasti Abbey.

  • Madhyamaka (Middle Way) school asserts that ultimately things exist merely by being imputed onto a basis
  • Originally the two sub-schools within Madhyamaka were derived from the method by which each debated other views
  • Tsongkhapa reinterpreted the distinction between these sub-schools and attributed to Svatantrika a view that, at the conventional level, things do exist inherently
  • Svatantrika’s position: the coming into existence of knowledge is a collaborative process between the object and the consciousness
  • Things have a certain character but that character is not ultimately findable—their distinct nature exists conventionally, allowing us to validly know what things are

Guy Newland on the Two Truths 10: The Svatantrika Madhyamaka tenet system (download)

12 The Two Truths -Presented by Guy Newland 3-9-10

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