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Introduction to the two truths

Part of a series of teachings given from March 6-11, 2010, at Sravasti Abbey.

  • Introduction to the topic of the two truths
  • This is a “second order” of teachings, which is not practiced but explains other teachings
  • It clears away the apparent contradiction between teachings on wisdom and method

Guy Newland on the Two Truths 01: Introduction (download)

Part 1.1

Part 1.2

Dr. Guy Newland

Guy Newland, a student of Jeffrey Hopkins, is a scholar of Tibetan Buddhism who has been a professor at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan since 1988. He served as Chairperson of Central Michigan University's Department of Philosophy and Religion during the periods 2000-2003 and 2006-2009. He was elected to the Mount Pleasant Board of Education in July 2003 and served until December 2007, including six months as President of the Board and one year as Secretary.