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The Svatantrika view

The Svatantrika view

Part of a series of teachings given during the Empty Even Conventionally Retreat with Dr. Guy Newland.

  • Revisiting the question of whether logic can help us to understand the ultimate nature of reality
  • Evidence cited by Tsongkhapa that the Svatantrikas do not merely differ from Prasangikas in terms of mode of argumentation, but also in terms of philosophical view of how conventionalities exist

Dr. Guy Newland

Guy Newland, a student of Jeffrey Hopkins, is a scholar of Tibetan Buddhism who has been a professor at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan since 1988. He served as Chairperson of Central Michigan University's Department of Philosophy and Religion during the periods 2000-2003 and 2006-2009. He was elected to the Mount Pleasant Board of Education in July 2003 and served until December 2007, including six months as President of the Board and one year as Secretary.

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