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Good Karma: A short overview of the Buddhist worldview

Good Karma 11

Part of a series of talks given during the annual Memorial Day weekend retreat based on the book Good Karma: How to Create the Causes of Happiness and Avoid the Causes of Suffering, a commentary on “The Wheel of Sharp Weapons” by Indian sage Dharmarakshita.

  • Overview of the Buddhist worldview
    • Our self-centered view of the world
    • How rebirth works
    • Levels of motivation that we generate in Buddhist practice
  • Overview of the structure of The Wheel of Sharp Weapons
  • Verse 9: How Venerable Chodron connected with this text
    • Visualization for the taking and giving meditation
    • Questioning whether punishment works to change behavior 
  • Questions and answers
    • Dealing with a situation of taking life
    • How do we know this is how karma works?
    • Why do bad things happen to good people?
    • What type of karma do people who do medical research on animals experience?
    • What is a valid definition of “self”?
Venerable Thubten Chodron

Venerable Chodron emphasizes the practical application of Buddha’s teachings in our daily lives and is especially skilled at explaining them in ways easily understood and practiced by Westerners. She is well known for her warm, humorous, and lucid teachings. She was ordained as a Buddhist nun in 1977 by Kyabje Ling Rinpoche in Dharamsala, India, and in 1986 she received bhikshuni (full) ordination in Taiwan. Read her full bio.