What is karma?

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Part of a series of meditations appearing on the Daily Dharma Gathering, a cloud-based meditation group that features live-streamed meditations by a rich spectrum of Buddhist teachers.

The four general characteristics of karma

  • Virtuous actions bring happiness, non-virtuous actions bring misery
  • A very small action can lead to a very large result
  • If we don’t create the cause, we don’t experience the result
  • Our actions will definitely ripen and bring their corresponding result
  • Guided meditation reviewing the general characteristics of karma

Questions and answers

  • Methods for purification of our negative karma
  • Cause and effect for those who do not believe in past lives
  • Recommended resources on karma: Open Heart Clear Mind, Buddhism for Beginners and Venerable Thubten Chodron’s website

Guided meditation: What is karma? (download)

05-05-15 What is Karma?

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