“Eight Verses of Thought Transformation”

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A talk given at the Manjushri Vihara Temple in Tainan City, Taiwan (ROC). In English with Chinese translation.

  • The benefits of mind training practices
  • Verse one: Seeing other living beings as precious
  • Verse two: Developing humility and decreasing pride
  • Verse three: Identifying our afflictions and applying antidotes
  • Verse four: Changing how we view difficult people
  • Verse five: Offering the victory to others
  • Verse six: Those who betray us are like teachers
  • Verse seven: Cultivating strong love and compassion
  • Verse eight: Helping others the way we would help ourselves
  • Questions
    • How do we develop great compassion when we are ordinary beings?
    • Will reciting the eight verses help to develop great compassion?

Eight Verses of Thought Transformation (download)

04-01-19 Eight Verses of Thought Transformation at Manjushri Vihara

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