Practicing “The Eight Verses of Thought Transformation”

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A Commentary on The Eight Verses of Thought Transformation. Root text by Kadampa Geshe Langri Tangpa. In English with translation in Bahasa Indonesia.

  • How reflection on the kindness of others changes the way you view the world
  • Verse 1: Developing the bodhicitta motivation
  • Verse 2: Counteracting the self-centered thought
  • Verse 3: Confronting and averting negative emotions
  • Verse 4: Developing fortitude
  • Verse 5: Transforming the mind when others mistreat us
  • Verse 6: Changing how we view those who betray our trust
  • Verse 7: Cultivating love and compassion with taking and giving
  • Verse 8: Protecting our practice from corruption by the eight worldly concerns

Practicing “The Eight Verses of Thought Transformation”(download)

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