Cultivating Amitabha’s attitude

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A talk given at the Pu Yi Nunnery in Taipei, Taiwan (ROC). In English with Chinese translation.

  • Connecting with Amitabha through visualization
  • Separating the person from their actions
  • Cultivating Amitabha’s attitude of cherishing living beings
  • Buddhahood depends on other living beings
  • What gets us to Sukhavati is the change in our own heart and mind
  • We don’t have to get mad, we have a choice
  • Our enlightenment depends on generating love and compassion for all beings
  • Questions and answers
    • How can pure land practice be used to address social change?
    • The way to get to the pure land is to care about sentient beings in this life
    • How did you as a westerner come to Buddhism?

Cultivating Amitabha’s attitude (download)

Featured image of Amitabha © 2019 Himalayan Art Resources Inc. Photographed Image Copyright © 2004 Rubin Museum of Art.

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