The perfection of ethical conduct

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The text turns to training the mind on the stages of the path of advanced level practitioners. Part of a series of teachings on the Gomchen Lamrim by Gomchen Ngawang Drakpa. Visit Gomchen Lamrim Study Guide for a full list of contemplation points for the series.

  • The benefits of keeping ethical conduct
  • Is it easier to create non-virtue now versus in the past?
  • How we engage in killing, stealing, and unwise sexual behavior in modern times
  • Ways to practice protecting life, safeguarding possessions, and using sexuality kindly
  • Methods to counteract our tendency to lie and speak divisively

Gomchen Lamrim 102: The Perfection of Ethical Conduct (download)

102 The Gomchen Lamrim: The Perfection of Ethical Conduct 08-18-17

Contemplation points

  1. Going through each of the ten pathways of non-virtue, consider:
    • What are some socially acceptable, contemporary activities that actually create negativity through this pathway of non-virtue?
    • Have you engaged in the activity? What afflictions were working behind the scenes that made non-virtue seem like a good thing to do?
    • What resources does the Buddha make available to you to overcome the wish to engage in this activity in your own life?
    • What can you do to bring love, compassion, and wisdom to the situation when you see this activity in the world?
    • What virtuous pathway directly opposes this non-virtue? What can you do to cultivate this in your life?
  2. Generate a strong aspiration to abandon negative actions and cultivate positive ones through your study, reflection, and meditation. Make the determination to allow a deeper understanding of keeping good ethical conduct to influence the way you interact with others in your daily life.

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