Structuring a meditation session

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Part of a series of short teachings given during the Four Establishments of Mindfulness Winter Retreat in 2013. More extensive teachings on the establishments of mindfulness can be found here.

  • Begin with a few minutes of silent meditation
  • Take refuge and generate bodhicitta
  • Meditate on lamrim topic if you like
  • Do particular practice, e.g. Shakyamuni Buddha practice
  • Purify and create merit by doing the seven-limb prayer, mandala offering and request for inspiration from the Buddhas
  • Meditate on a topic such as the body as a corpse from the “Four Establishments of Mindfulness
  • Visualize the Buddha absorbs into you and purifies your mind
  • Dedicate the merit
06 4 Establishments of Mindfulness 1-28-13

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