Chenrezig retreat discussion: Part 1

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Part of a series of talks given during a two-day retreat on Cultivating a Compassionate Heart: The Yoga Method of Chenrezig at Menla Center in Phoenicia, New York, April 21-22, 2007.

  • What happens when we meet somebody who is doing something that makes us fearful? Is there any kind of valuable judgment that could come from there?
  • How do you translate what you are saying to a situation of domestic violence, especially women who are most often the victims of domestic violence?
  • If you’re a bodhisattva, you want to help everybody, but practically, it’s difficult. For example, in India, how do you go help every beggar?
  • Is there a vibrational tone in Buddhism?
  • Tonglen (taking and giving) practice
    • Can we really change people’s situations through this practice?
  • Virginia Tech incident
    • How can we look at Virginia Tech with compassion but also understand it as having a purpose or as some kind of karmic manifestation?
    • Is there any place for randomness?

Menla 02: Q&A (download)

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