The two truths and Tibetan philosophy

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Part of a series of teachings given from March 6-11, 2010, at Sravasti Abbey.

  • Tsongkhapa’s presentation of the two truths changed the course of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy
  • It was necessary to have the most radical view of emptiness in order to make conventional things work
  • Conventional truths are not truths; they are falsities, but they do exist
  • Only ultimate truths exist the way they appear
  • The two truths are always together (one entity) but they are not the same thing

Guy Newland on the Two Truths 03: Tibetan philosophy (download)

Part 3.1

Note: The first 21 minutes of the audio (above) are not recorded in the video

05 The Two Truths -Presented by Guy Newland 3-7-10

Part 3.2

06 The Two Truths -Presented by Guy Newland 3-7-10

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