Teachings on the mental affliction of depression, including its causes and antidotes.

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Fear, Anxiety, and Other Emotions

Transforming anxiety and depression in a rapidly cha...

Discussion of the source of anxiety and related emotions and some practical antidotes to counteract…

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Volume 3 Samsara, Nirvana, and Buddha Nature

Eighty-four thousand afflictions

Completing Chapter 3, covering five hindrances and beginning Chapter 4, describing how fear, anxiety and…

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Venerable teaching in front of a large Buddha statue.
Workplace Wisdom

How a Buddhist deals with burnout

Factors that lead to burnout and how to avoid it in professional work, volunteer work,…

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Silhouette of hand reaching out toward the sun.
On Cultivating Wisdom

Selflessness keeps you out of SHU

From a teaching by Venerable Chodron, an incarcerated person learns to train consistently to deal…

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Venerable chanting with eyes closed and palms together.
Love and Self-esteem

Being a friend to yourself

Cultivating self-acceptance, letting go of false thoughts about ourselves and caring for others leads to…

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Responding to Prejudice

Overcoming fear and preconceptions

A motivation to work with the fear and misleading preconceptions that arise in the face…

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Responding to Prejudice

We all can overcome our wrong views

A story of a man who used to be a white supremacist and transformed his…

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An Open-Hearted Life

Why we need compassion

In the face of human hardship, compassion is the only response that makes sense. It…

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Four Truths for the Aryas

Attributes of true origins: Conditions

How craving and karma function as conditions that create suffering in cyclic existence as well.

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