Teachings on the mental affliction of anxiety, including its causes and antidotes.

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Fear, Anxiety, and Other Emotions

Combating anxiety with a meditative mind

Ways that Buddhist practices of love and compassion for others can help those suffering from…

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Ven. Sangye Khadro smiling while returning a white khata to a student.
Buddhist Meditation 101

How to meditate on the breath

An introduction to meditating on the breath with a guided meditation. Also an analytic meditation…

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Peaceful Living, Peaceful Dying Retreats

Facing fear of death

How to face the fear of death and practical methods to decrease fear and anxiety.

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Dharma in Daily Life

Bodhisattva practice in daily life

How to bring the essence of bodhisattva practice to daily life situations and relationships. Looking…

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21st Century Buddhists

Living the Buddha’s teachings in the 21st century

Using the Buddha's teachings to work with the mind and deal with contemporary issues including…

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Kenryuu with his arm around his mother, both smiling and standing with Venerable Chodron.
On Taking Illness Onto the Path

My trip to the operating theatre and back

I recently had an infected cyst on my back. It had grown quickly, got infected,…

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Engaged Buddhism

Coronavirus: This is the time to practice

Guided meditation on examining our fear and anxiety related to the coronavirus, encouraging us to…

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Family and Friends

How to practice Dharma: a talk for youth and parents

Relating Buddhist teaching and practice to issues faced by teens and parents—becoming the person you…

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“Awaken Every Day”: Bringing the Dharma ...

How short daily reflections can help cultivate a positive motivation and bring spiritual practice into…

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Venerable holding a microphone and smiling while teaching at Gardenia Center.

Making life meaningful by connecting with others

How doing even small positive things can make a difference in the lives of others…

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Venerable smiling while teaching in front of a Buddha statue.
Love and Self-esteem

Building confidence to live your life to the fullest

What it means to have confidence, and how to develop stable self-confidence through self-acceptance and…

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An Open-Hearted Life

Compassionate understanding of emotions

How a compassionate understanding of how emotions play out in our minds gives us a…

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