Meditation 101: Meditation on the mind like the sky

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Part of a series of talks from “Buddhist Meditation 101”, an introductory course to Buddhist meditation. The online course was hosted by the Ocean of Compassion Buddhist Center, San Jose, California. Venerable Sangye Khadro provided handouts for course topics: The Seven-Point Meditation Posture, Scanning the Body, Counting the Breaths Meditation Technique, Bare Attention Meditation Excersize, Meditation on the Mind Like the Sky.

  • The importance of setting a positive motivation
  • The benefits of concentration meditation
  • The purpose of developing mindfulness
  • The mind is like the sky, the afflictions like clouds
  • Guided meditation on the mind like the sky
  • Question and answer
    • When you become aware of suffering, how can you deal with it in a constructive way?

Meditation 101 02: Meditation on the mind like the sky (download)

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